November 10, 2014
by Cathal.Burke
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Green and Sensory Foundation

Ladies and gentlemen, your interest in the SCAE Ireland courses has been, as usual, overwhelming.

The upcoming courses green and sensory foundation courses on the 26th and 27th of November are now fully booked.

Please still email if you’re interested in doing either of these courses as there may still be drop outs or we can point you in the direction of the next upcoming course.

October 22, 2014
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Introduction to Coffee and Barista Foundation

Hello all,

Introduction to Coffee and Barista Foundation on the 27th of October are now sold out. For those still interested in those courses there will be new dates soon.

For those attending the courses who have not paid, please pay via cash or cheque on the day as per usual.

September 19, 2014
by Cathal.Burke
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SCAE Ireland Coffee Diploma Schedule

Screen shot 2012 01 31 at 14.02.32 SCAE Ireland Coffee Diploma Schedule

If the post below isn’t clear for you please click here SCAE IRELAND COFFEE DIPLOMA 2014 to download the PDF.

Note: To all students waiting for certificates email with your full name, certificate and full address.



SCAE Ireland is happy to announce the fourth year of the SCAE Coffee Diploma programme.

The SCAE Coffee Diploma encompasses coffee education and certification in six different modules in different disciplines: Introduction to Coffee / Green Coffee / Barista Skills / Brewing / Sensory Skills / Roasting, each with three levels of qualification: Foundation / Intermediate / Professional.

Participants can sit modules and certifications specifically to suit their profession or sit all modules and earn themselves a SCAE Coffee Diploma.

With a curriculum written by renowned industry experts, it is an opportunity for those involved in the coffee sector to up skill in all things coffee.

More information:

                                                            THE SCHEDULE & COURSE FEES



MONTH         WORKSHOP                      Location              DATE         MEMBER          MEMBER

Oct 14        Introduction to Coffee             Dublin            27/10/14            60                        75

Oct 14          Barista Foundation                Dublin            27/10/14            120                     120

Nov 14   Green Coffee Foundation           Dublin             26/11/14           120                     150

Nov 14        Sensory Foundation               Dublin             27/11/14            120                    150

Dec 14        Brewing Foundation               Dublin             15/12/14            120                    150



      SCAE IRELAND      

MONTH    WORKSHOP                    Location       DATE      NON-MEMBER     MEMBER


Jan 15   Barista Intermediate             Dublin        19/01/15            200                   250


Feb 15   Sensory Intermediate          Dublin        18-19/02/15       350                   420

(2 day course)


TBC         Green Intermediate              Dublin             TBC               350                    420

(2 day course)


Mar 15    Brew Intermediate               Dublin        23/03/15            200                   250


Apr 15    Barista Professional            Dublin        27-28/04/15       350                   420

(2 day course)

May 14   Brewing Professional         Dublin        25-26/05/15       350                   420

(2 day course)


Dates and Location


Dates are subject to changes!


At various accessible locations around Dublin, to suit the module in question.






Twitter: @SCAEdotIE


Some of the finest teachers in the coffee industry will be on hand to present seminars and certify attendees including:


John Thompson–CoffeeNexus

John has over 17 years of experience in speciality coffee.His work at origin has spanned several continents. John has worked closely with coffee growers in several countries eveloping long term relationships, sustainable buying programs, and quality improvement nitiatives.

Now he trains and consults across the globe through his company Coffee Nexus, primarily on sourcing, sensory and roasting related projects. He has recently worked with the SCAE in developing the Coffee Diploma system, leading the green coffee section of the program, and supporting the sensory module.


Paul Stack –Marco Beverage Systems

Programme leader of the SCAE Gold Cup, Paul co-authored the Brewing and Grinding and Advanced Brewing modules for the SCAE Coffee Diploma curriculum and has been delivering seminars and workshops throughout Europe for the last five years.

Currently vice chairs the SCAE Ireland Education Committee.


Anita Nagy-Bertok –Matthew Algies

Anita has over 10 years of experience in the coffee industry. A skilled Barista with years of retail experience, Anita joined Scottish coffee roaster Matthew Algie over 6 years ago as a coffee and Barista trainer. She is an authorised SCAE Trainer (AST) and a certified sensory judge for the World Barista Championships WBC).Currently chairs the SCAE Ireland Judge Committee.


Ger O’Donohoe

Has been behind the counter for 16 years. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge having worked in some of Dublin’s finest coffee establishments (Coffee Angel, 3FE, The Fumbally among others) as well as a stint with Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne.

He is heavily involved with SCAE and the Irish Barista ChampionshipsAs well as this he’s recently become an Authorised Trainer for the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (AST) teaching both Barista Skills and Grinding and Brewing modules.


Vini Arruda

Q-grader for Coffee Quality Institute, Head Barista at Urbun Café, Barista Trainer for Badger & Dodo Boutique Coffee Roaster, Authorised Trainer for SCAE (AST) since 2012.

Vini also was the first person in Ireland to achieve the Full SCAE Diploma.

Vini placed 6th and 3rd in the Irish Barista Championship in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Currently  Chairman of SCAE Ireland Education Committee, since 2013.



September 16, 2014
by Cathal.Burke

Competition winners and finalists

Well done to everyone who took part in this years Championships. It has been a great year of competition so far and it will reach it’s crescendo in 2015. Special thanks to everyone who helped make the competitions as fantastic as they were.

Brewers Cup Competition Winner 2014 – Brian O’Keeffe


Home Barista Competition Winner 2014 – Edgars Kazlausks


Irish Barista semi-finalists:

Bruno Ferreira Silva

Khedun Viswarnath

Mark Ashbridge

Natalia Piotrowska

Vinicius Arruda

Wojciech Tysler


Latte Art semi-finalists:

Dave Regan

Darina Homolova

Dumitru Postovan

Luis Alvarez

Magdalena Niedbalka

Renata Khedun

August 29, 2014
by Cathal.Burke


Please right click on each of the tables and download to your desktop to view or use the zoom function in your browser. in some browsers simply clicking on the image will be enough to see the full size image.

Competition schedule Brewers Cup 20151 300x212 COMPETITION SCHEDULES 2015



Competitors timetable IBC 20151 300x212 COMPETITION SCHEDULES 2015

IBC schedule 2014/2015


Competition schedule Latte Art 20153 300x212 COMPETITION SCHEDULES 2015



July 21, 2014
by Cathal.Burke


weneedyou 440x344 WE NEED YOU!

Dublin Tea and Coffee Festival needs volunteers for competitions. It’s a great chance to get involved with SCAE Ireland and meet everyone involved in the show. See for more details.

May 16, 2014
by Cathal.Burke

SCAE Ireland AGM 2014

SCAE Ireland will be holding our Annual AGM on Thursday 19th June at 10am in the Fitzwilliam Hotel St Stephens Green, Dublin 2.

All members are welcome to attend. We would be grateful if you could R.S.V.P. so we can have some idea of numbers and space required.

Please see the agenda below.


1. Review of 2013 AGM Minutes and matters arising.

2. Chairman Report

3. Financial Report

4. Education Report

5. Competitions Report

6. Judges Committee Report

7. Election of Officers

8. Dublin Coffee Festival Update

9. A.O.B.

May 7, 2014
by Cathal.Burke

The Irish Brewers Cup Judges 2014

Vinicius Arruda

Vinicius Arruda is a well known and respected name within the Irish barista community.
Vini has been involved with the Speciality Coffee Assocation of Europe (SCAE) for a number of years, being one of the first to complete the Diploma in Coffee in 2012 and has held, since last year, the chair of SCAE Ireland Education committee.
Vini then went on to become an SCAE Authorised Trainer (AST) and in 2013 completed the Coffee Quality Institute’s Q-grader program – a highly specialised course in refined sensory skills. In doing so he became the first and only Q Grader in Ireland.
Vini is the head barista trainer for speciality coffee roaster Badger & Dodo Boutique Coffee Roasters.
Vini has also been serving coffee as head barista for Cabinteely’s ubercool Urbun cafe for many years now.

Anita Nagy-Bertok

Anita has been an Area Trainer for Matthew Algie since 2007. In addition to running coffee schools and customer training programmes in Ireland, Anita coaches staff and customers for barista competitions. She runs tasting and cupping sessions daily as part of her job. Anita is a certified AST (Authorised SCAE Trainer) and runs SCAE Barista and Brewing courses across the UK & Ireland  for SCAE. Anita is a certified World Brewers Cup Sensory Judge, World Barista Championship Sensory Judge and World Latte Art Visual Judge. Anita already has huge experience judging internationally. She has been the head Judge for the Hungary and Turkish Barista Championships and has organised the Irish Judges workshops. She was this years head Judge at the Irish Barista Championships and last years head Judge at the Irish Brewers cup.

Estelle MacGilp

Estelle MacGilp is currently the Green Coffee Buyer at Matthew Algie, an independent coffee roaster based in Glasgow. Prior to that, Estelle was the Coffee Buyer at another large coffee roaster based in Kent. Through these roles she now has over 14 years cupping experience, cupping a whole range of coffees from more mainstream commercial coffees right through to speciality coffees from all over the world on a daily basis. She also has extensive coffee blending experience and is often involved in training events on cupping, coffee tasting and coffee knowledge. She has travelled to both Ethiopia and Indonesia on coffee sourcing trips meeting her coffee partners on their home ground.

April 25, 2014
by Cathal.Burke
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Irish Brewers Cup update 2

The Irish Brewers Cup will take place on Friday the 9th of May. We now know that it will be kindly hosted by Matthew Algie. The start time will be 2pm and there is one round. First 8 to register get in (we have 5 confirmed thus far) and it is €25 to enter. The winner goes to Rimini for the Worlds.

Address: 26 Great Strand Street Dublin D1, Ground floor.

Oh, one more thing: There is free beer for the first 100….

Update from Anita Bertok on the rules:

There will be only one round and this will be the Open Service round only.