Gary Dempsey

What’s your name and What did you do prior to coffee?

My name is Gary Dempsey. Prior to Coffee I worked for several years as a Visual Artist.

When and how did you first get into Coffee?

I’ve had cafe jobs ever since I was a teenager and have ever since drank copious amounts of coffee. However, a few of years ago I really began to understand the potential of coffee which influenced my decision to return to it as a career.

How did you get involved in SCA?

I joined after attending an SCA event in Cork.

What encouraged you to become an ambassador and what area do you cover?

I love being able to have a direct impact on things. In my role as Ambassador I will be in the position to facilitate others to participate in and evolve the coffee community both in the south and Ireland as a whole. I am based in Cork City.

Where do you see the chapter going with your involvement?

With my involvement I see the chapter perusing a line of dialogue concerning the impacts that climate change and growing conditions may have on our coffee culture. This conversation would involve people from various backgrounds, for example researchers in various fields, coffee roasters, coffee buyers and of course coffee drinkers. This would be in the hopes of becoming more conscious as a community of our place within the global context.

Why would you encourage people to become members of SCA?

I encourage people to join the SCA as it provides members with a concise data bank of information and research allowing passionate individuals to come together and progress their knowledge and understanding of the coffee world. People can develop further from the numerous conferences, training programs and competitions all within a solid supportive frame work.

What coffee are you currently drinking and how is it brewed?

I’m currently drinking Killer Queen, Washed – Ethiopian by Stone valley roasters who roast in West Cork. I’m brewing it by both V-60 and Aeropress.