Avonmore Irish Barista Championship Finalists

Congratulations in no particular order are due to your 2012 (yes, I know) Avonmore Irish Barista Championship finalists:

  • Rob Smyth (Brew Bar Café)
  • Lorraine Whelan (3FE)
  •  Vinicius Arruda (The Humble Bean)
  • Colin Harmon (3FE)
  • Julia McKenna (Clements Coffee)
  • Megumi Ueno (Brew Bar Café)


Massive thanks to all the competitors for their tremendous efforts. While the 6 above succeeded on the day, there were other competitors who showed great promise and will no doubt be future finalists, perhaps champions.

We must also note the great efforts of the judging team, who gave up not just this weekend, but also days for workshops and calibration. The standards of judging in the Irish Competition have been raised significantly this year. Well done all.

Thanks to the organising team for days and nights of work leading up to the event, to make sure everything ran smoothly on the day.

Thanks to our sponsors CMA Astoria and Avonmore for their ongoing committment, ensuring this competition has a future.


Finally, a big thanks to our hosts, Java Republic, who provided a great venue and great support throughout.

Latte Art Semi Finals Aborted

The Semi Finals of the Avonmore Irish Latte Art Championships have been called off due to insufficient numbers.

Entrants will instead proceed directly to the Finals round which is scheduled for February 2012.

Watch scae.ie for further updates.


IBC Judging Certification Workshop

This years judging certification workshop will take place on Saturday, October 15th in Marco HQ in Sandyford, Dublin. Each year the standards of both baristas competing and judges… err… judging improves. The Irish Chapter of the SCAE is committed to the creation of a credible, talented and dedicated pool of certified national judges to best serve both the national competition but who would also be capable of representing Ireland at global coffee events. To that end two key objectives this year and in future years for the chapter will be to ensure proficiency of national judges in the ever evolving rules and regulations of the WCE, but also to put forward one nationally accredited Irish judge to go to WCE Judges Certification Workshops.

Points to note:

  • All currently accredited Irish National judges will need to be annually re-certified in order to be eligible to judge in upcoming SCAE competitions.
  • It is now mandatory that all judges be proficient in both sensory and technicaal judging areas.
  • It is essential that all those intersted in becoming a nationally accredited judge in upcoming SCAE national competitions attend and pass the upcoming Judge’s Workshop.
  • In order to attend the Workshop, participants must confirm availability for both the November semi-finals and the February finals.
  • You must familiarise yourself with the current WBC rules prior to attendance of the Workshop – click here for download.
To attend the judging workshop please fill out the form below…
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Avonmore Irish Barista Championships and Latte Art Competitions 2011/2012

The semi-finals of this year’s Avonmore Irish Barista Championships and Latte Art Competitions are to be in Java Republic on the 12th and 13th of November. Competitor numbers have swelled in recent years, making it necessary to split the events into a semi-finals and a finals round.

6 competitors will advance to the finals round, to be held on February 1st in The Citywest Hotel.

Registration forms for both competitions will be online shortly, and the final date for acceptance of registration will be (strictly) the 31st October.