Maastricht Treats For Ireland

Huge belated congratulations to all of Ireland’s representatives in Maastricht, not least Keith O’Sullivan, Irish Brewer’s Cup Champion 2011, and now World Brewer’s Cup Champion 2011!

Keith won the innaugural championship waxing lyrical about, and brewing Hasbean’s Bolivian Finca Bolinda. Some of the judges were said to be left “tingly” and with shivers up their spines (in a good way).

Congrats also to Ziad Abinakhoul who finished 5th in the Coffee in Good Spirit competition, to Jordan Andrews for what can only be described as a scintillating performance in the Latte Art Championships, and to David Walsh for finishing runner-up in the Cup Taster’s Championship (it is a bit odd congratulating yourself, but it would be more odd if I excluded it I suppose).

So, to all, we are very proud, and expect you all to push on to greater triumphs in future competitions!