Anita Bertok

Anita Bertok – WCE – WBC Sensory  judge, WCE – Brewers cup Sensory judge, WCE – Latte Art Visual judge, SCAE Ireland committee member responsible for national judges.anita

I work as a Development Barista trainer for Matthew Algie since 2007. I am dedicated to coffee excellence and became  an AST in 2012 to deliver SCAE Barista and Brewing courses to share my knowledge with other coffee enthusiasts.

My journey in judging started here in Ireland as a National judge to gain more experience through wonderful Baristas. I am a WCE certified Barista sensory, Brewers Cup sensory and Latte art Visual Judge since 2012.It is an amazing feeling and experience when every Barista take me to their coffee journey on stage! It is hugely beneficial and would recommend to people to experience this learning curve themselves.